Who are stable long-term partners to S&M Electronic?
Shenzhen S&M Electronics Co., Ltd. has been supplying electric flea and lice comb for several famous brands. For years, we have produced our partners the maximum priority. We're pretty certain in our capacity to come up with value for spouses, so confident our products will increase partners' profitability. The innovative systems and processes help us cultivate stronger connections with our partners.

S&M Electronic is a highly popular company which centers on electronic home products. The face massage machine series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The materials for making S&M automatic paper towel dispenser are carefully selected by the QC team. Its materials feature excellent mechanical characteristics and physical properties which are required in the heavy-duty machine operation. Made of high-quality materials, its shell is highly resistant to impact. The product can support both the off-grid and on-grid system. It collects and stores the sunlight during the day, and makes the power available. Its high-speed operation ensures high working efficiency.

We share a common passion to innovate for growth, for the success of our brand and to nurture our relationships with customers.
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