What about industry position of S&M?
S&M now is a rising star in the industry. At present, it covers several different series of products including S&M. Every series is attractive enough to attract customers in different countries with its own characteristics and uniqueness. Our products have helped us gain more presence in the national market. Aiming to be a famous leading brand in the global market, our brand will keep marching forward to develop and provide more and better products so as to satisfy customers' various needs.

Shenzhen S&M Electronics Co., Ltd. , like many electric flea comb manufacturing firms in China, is an export-oriented company. The electric flea comb series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. S&M electronic products company is professionally designed. It is carried out by our designers who utilize the latest CAD systems with 3-D capabilities and associative geometry. The touch-free system can help minimize the spread of germs, keeping hygienic. It performs well in hygroscopicity. During the material treatment, the fabrics have been tested with desiccant or evaporation method, and the result proves that the moisture permeates finely through the fabrics. Its high-speed operation ensures high working efficiency.

We think highly of the sustainable business mode. Through upgrading our production procedures, we strive to make a balance among the development of economic, social, and environmental factors.
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