How much will it take for electronic home products materials?
The amount of money invested in the production of electronic home products decides the performance and quality of it. Taking Shenzhen S&M Electronics Co., Ltd. as an example, it has always taken the price into serious consideration when purchasing high-quality raw materials and aims to provide high cost-performance ratio product. Raw materials are well selected, which can guarantee the great performance of the products. Besides the materials' performance, the material cost should also be taken into serious consideration, which is important to manufacture the product with high cost-performance ratio.

S&M leads the electric flea comb industry now. The face massage machine series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. S&M electric flea comb is required to go through a series of quality tests. Its work blank, mechanical parts such as engine and motor, and materials have to be inspected by specific measurers or testing machines. It is highly recognized by famous brands such as Midea, TCL, and Philips. The product is intelligent. The automatic control system, which can monitor and control all of the working parameters of the device, offers protection to the product itself. Adopting plastic materials, it has excellent insulating property.

We are aware of our environmental responsibility. Effectively, we use the resources at our disposal, that is, rational use of heat and electricity, and environmentally friendly and safe disposal of waste.
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